If my friends were cycling socks…

I’m a little bit of a sucker for a sweet pair of cycling socks. I go for all kinds, just like with my friends, you’ll find a wide variety of socks in my faves list and in my sock drawer. I’m always feeling like I could use another pair. I love the gimmicky cartoony ones, like these Pizza socks that remind me of my new friend Jonathan. We met at Hammerhead and he was wearing a custom Pizza jersey and every lap I yelled out, “Pizza!!” and he responded with equal enthusiasm. I just knew right then and there he was a good guy! Now he makes custom kits with Castelli, but he’ll always be Pizza to me. ūüôā And that’s not a bad thing.


I love these preppy striped socks that remind me of my stylish friend Greg. I actually think he might own them. Greg is one of those guys who just always looks put together in the best preppy way possible. It’s true that I have a huge thing for preppy fashion and sometimes I look forward to dinners out with him and my best gal Bobbie just to see what the two of them are going to wear. She blends it well with boho chic. Of course, there’s way more to these awesome folks than their duds. Greg and Bobbie run an amazing branding firm, are raising an excellent young man who is already immersed in our cycling community and thinks of all the people in it as his friends, which of course, we are!¬†


Bobbie also has two amazing blogs you should check out – one is Pedal Empowered, which is all about empowering women to get out there and kick butt on bikes and the other is Sing. Dream. Hope. Pray.¬†where Bobbie shares heartfelt family-oriented stories that always inspire me. And that’s why this other pair of cloud socks reminds me of Bobbie, she is the ultimate dreamer. Recently Bobbie was made a Specialized Ambassador¬†not only for her dreams but for her activism in the cycling community. She shreds all the gnar and posts the best pics as well!


Sometimes I really like a super sleek, technical sock, like this Castelli pair here. I have to say it IS messing with me that this is the only sock so far that is facing the opposite direction, but whatever. These socks make me think of Christian, this guy always looks buttoned up and dialed in and it’s not just his apparel, he has EVERYTHING dialed in from nutrition to technology to his bike to his rides. But he does all that while maintaining a light and bright disposition. You might think he’d be super duper serious, but he’s totally balanced. These socks totally fit Christian’s laid back attitude and the aqua hits on his surfer side.



I just bought this awesome pair of pink sprinkles socks. I’m not typically too much into pink or sprinkles but these match a skinsuit I just ordered (more on that to come on my other blog, eggs’n’bikin’) and they keep growing on me more and more every day. Kind of like my friend Kami, who, like these socks is sweet, sassy, and spunky! Kami and I have become fast friends after our ORAMM trip and now spend a lot of time together riding bikes and eating delicious treats. Like that Dr. Freeze place, have you tried it? They freeze your ice cream with liquid nitrogen. Next time, I’m getting some sprinkles on top.


Now, these I’m pretty pretty excited about. I’m keeping my eye on the Jules Threads dots kit¬†(which is on sale through today for 10% off along with the rest of her store!) as a reward kit as I continue my health journey and look at these adorable matching Jules Threads DOTS socks!!! It’s like the kit had little sock babies! YAASSSS! This reminds me of my friend Kristi, another good riding buddy I’ve been greatly enjoying lately. Kristi is fun, friendly, organized, and a great Mom who gets up at 6am to join us on Friday Breakfast rides because her son Tyler is motivated at that hour and so how can you say no to that? And more importantly, how can you say no to breakfast? Which brings me to my next pair of socks…


Oh Freddy. Our favorite fat fitness trainer with the best recipe and food posts you’ll ever see on your Facebook timeline. It’s probably his fault that I’m craving donuts right now. So, obviously the donuts are totally Freddy, but so is the neon green. It totally vibes with his crazy colorful Breakfast Club skinsuit, the Miami flavor, and all together it makes me smile and gets me pumped up. Plus it matches pretty well to his new F2 Performance custom kit! Freddy is a cycling coach and believes in eating real food during your training. Mostly delicious food. Priorities, people.


Alright, just a few more pairs here – these socks remind me of me, because I love dessert. Since I’m working on my health, instead of eating so much dessert, I’m just going to be wearing it on my socks. It’s pretty much one of the best trends I’ve seen. There’s an amazing Pedal Mafia kit with¬†donuts and ice cream, another one with shakes and fries, AND another one with popsicles and donuts! I mean, WOW, right? I personally would love to have that team edition kit, as I’ve taken to liking popsicles very much (have you tried the Chloe’s or Yasso ones?), but alas all my past dessert enjoyment is preventing fitting into the largest size they have left, oh the irony! Ha!


Bringing us almost to the end, I just ordered these amazing sunshiney socks from Tenspeed Hero literally to remind me of and celebrate my friendship with Sarah! It’s a long story, basically this chick is a badass in so many ways, and of course I met her through cycling. She is the nicest person you’ll ever meet. And she is super smart and gorgeous too. And and and. Anyway, Sarah had the black version of these socks on when she came over for a little bit of South Florida trail riding and they’re so her. Very bright and happy and sure to put a smile on your face. So, when I saw these blue ones I had to have them. I think they’ll go well with EVERYTHING, just like Sarah does.


Alright, last pair! And speaking of last pairs, these are pretty much the last pairs, folks, these suckers are going out of stock everywhere! Swiftwick only did a limited run of these socks that *happen* to match our BikeMinded custom cycling kits almost perfectly. Oh P.S. did you know that in addition to making awesome socks, Swiftwick strives to change lives one sock at a time by giving a percentage of vision¬†sales to charitable initiatives that are important to them? Yah! It’s so great to know we’re spreading good vibes with our socks just like we like to do at BikeMinded! We¬†think these socks show off what BikeMinded is all about: bikes + happiness + fun +¬†community. Aaaand they have a birthday club. ‘Nuff said!

Also, stay tuned for an announcement about our custom kits and these saweet socks real soon here! We’re super stoked and have something really fun up our sleeves, yaaasss!

Any of the socks at Nashbar are on sale today only for 33% off along with all their clothing, helmets, shoes, and sunglasses, so get you some!


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