Florida 2017 State Championship: Time Trial

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I got the opportunity to watch the Florida State Championship for Time Trial last weekend, and man was it a showcase of suffering and speed.  The course was a tough 40km out and back, with a bit of a headwind right out of the gate.  They call the Time Trial the race of truth, as it’s just you versus the clock. Those guys and girls had 40-60 minutes to pound out the miles in solitude out there.   Some really cool gear was on display as well; everything from Fixed Gear to aero helmets and carbon discs.  It was good to see riders of all ages and levels out there seeing where they stack up.

Check out all the photos of suffering, speed, and sweet bikes here!

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2 thoughts on “Florida 2017 State Championship: Time Trial

    • April 20, 2017 at 4:28 pm

      Yes, the Florida Bicycle Racing Association has multiple annual events including this one!

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