Club Scrub Men’s Ride with Beyond Bikes

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Our local cycling club at Jonathan Dickinson, Club Scrub, is all about the ladies rides and the men were starting to think, hmmmm, how about one for us? So of course Juliana worked her magic and before you know it, Bryan Liles of Beyond Bikes was geared up to lead a men’s ride with the help of David. I got a chance to get out there and snap some photos and chat with Bryan after the event. David led the more advanced riders today, taking some of them on a PR-setting Blue Loop while Tim led the intermediates. Bryan took the rest of the guys and I wanted to hear how it went for the newer riders.

Bryan, what was your goal for today & why do an event like this?

We wanted everyone to have a good time, make sure people enjoyed it, so we can grow it for next time. We do it to spread the love of mountain biking, get new riders out there. This is truly why I do what I do, why we own a bike shop, why we do our Friday Breakfast Ride. I just love to ride and I think some people just lose that, forget how fun it is.

So, you don’t mind riding with newbies as a fast rider?

Not at all! It’s good to slow down and enjoy the ride and it’s rewarding getting to show new riders the ropes. I usually am cramming as many miles as I can between 7 and 10am before I open the shop. Doing an event like this is just as fun and brings me back to the basics. It’s just a different kind of ride, and any kind of ride is a good ride.

How did you set up the event?

There were three groups. We split it based on skill and fitness. The cool thing was that every group wanted to do the full loop, so we just made it workable for all levels. There were about 30 guys total, maybe three groups of ten. We did everything except Root Loop, Walden, Gator Hole, and Half Pipe.

How did it go? Everyone have fun? What was the ride like?

Everyone seemed to have a good time. I led the beginner group. We rode a little then stopped after a bit, everyone told stories about how it was going for them, I answered questions and gave tips to help them learn to improve their riding skills. We talked about bike knowledge, tech, skills like pumping some of the bigger stuff vs. jumping, neutral pedal position, sight line – look ahead instead of right in front of your tire, that kind of stuff.

Anything you’d change for next time? What kind of feedback did you get?

The ride was cool, of course we’re thinking of ways to better it and hearing more from the guys about what they want to learn would be awesome for the future. Everything was super positive and one guy even tried a full loop for the first time. It was great to see someone accomplish something they’d been wanting to try.

Thanks to Bryan of Beyond Bikes for the quick interview and for volunteering your time to give back to the local bike community by doing this ride!

Check out this sneak peek of pics plus the full gallery of the Club Scrub Men’s Ride with Beyond Bikes!

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