2017 FSC #4 Markham

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Well, it took me longer to write this blog post than I actually raced.

Round 4 of FSC was at Markham Park, a really fun and challenging trail system in Sunrise Florida. I had ridden there before at Rumble of the Jungle, and a few other times for fun. It seems like they always come up with a great new route for these events, and this was the best yet.

The racecourse included big technical drops, jumps, wallrides, step-ups, and other awesome features which had all the Moto and BMX guys going crazy. It had rained a few days before on the trail, so the dirt was hooking up so well, you could almost do no wrong.

I was able to pre-ride the course the day before as it was closed for the time trial for coconut cup. Since I am not planning on racing that series, I took the day off from racing and just cheered on my friends.

Sunday morning on race day I watched the yellow wave take off with all of the fast guys and girls, and I could tell it was going to be a fast flowy day. As I began to warm up for my wave, I looked over towards the start line and there were already people queuing up over half an hour before the race was set to start. I went ahead and cut my warm up a little short so I could get a good position, and I’m glad I did. With nearly 40 racers in my class, it was pretty clogged up.

When the gun went off I ended up stuck behind a few people who were having trouble getting clipped into their pedals, may have been one of their first races as this venue attracted some additional beginner racers from South Florida. Battling from the back of the pack early, I pushed full gas into the straightaway knowing that I wanted to have the best possible position going into the single track. I was able to get up to around the top 10 going into the woods.

Some of these inexperienced riders had gotten ahead of me and the other more experienced riders, so there was a bit of a traffic jam at every corner as we were moving up. Having learned earlier in the season to give these riders space and pass them at a better opportunity, I did so, yet still ended up tangled up with one of them on a steep climb. As I unclipped to get off my bike I ended up falling down the hill, losing about 10 positions as the train of riders behind me moved on. I climbed back up on the trail, ran up the hill and jumped on my bike cyclocross style, channeling my inner Sven Nys. Unfortunately, as I did that I heard a loud crack, and I knew something was wrong.  

My seat had given way, and when I looked closer I found my frame had cracked. I was pretty bummed as I started the Walk of Shame back to the start line. Along the way my buddy Joe joined me, having snapped a chain ending his race as well.

We were able to stand around and cheer all of our friends and competitors on as they continued racing. Looks like they had a pretty epic time out there and I got to enjoy hearing all their muddy stories of victory and pain, which you should check out in the full FSC #4 gallery and sneak peek below!

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