2017 Florida Endurance Series: 6 Hours of Santos

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6 Hours of Santos was Saturday, and man was that EPIC! Having never been to the Vortex before I got there early with the Beyond Bikes 12hr Team (Edward Lis, Bryan Liles, Mike Montgomery, and Doug) to pre-ride the course. Technical climbs and descents littered with rocks were separated by miles of flowy singletrack, so there was really something for everyone. The start of the race was ~400m run to your bikes up a hill, which immediately got my HR into the Danger Zone (queue Kenny Loggins). I tried sitting on the wheel of one of the fast ladies but I was burning matches just trying to hang on to Darla Woodall and had to dial it back as cramps were already starting on lap 2. My pit crew kept me fueled up with all kinds of goodies and I eventually recovered in lap 3 or 4 to settle into a groove with what little I had left. Met some new friends on the trail and cruised along until the start of lap 6 which I knew would be my last. Put down whatever power I had left (not much) and finished with one of my better lap times.

Good enough for 15th Amateur out of 66 and 43rd overall out of 129. Then I stuck around to watch the Beyond Bikes team finish 5th in the team Division and Matt Nalesnik & his co-ed team finish 2nd (after leading the overall for most of the day!) in the 12 hour. Learned some lessons, made some friends, had some fun: good day all around. Had the points lead in CAT3 for the Florida Endurance series that’s being put on by Gone Riding going into this race, so hopefully I did enough to stay in the mix.

Thanks for the pics, Ositoking Racing!

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